Chroma Calibration Services

Chroma Calibration

We calibrate the following Chroma models:
  • Chroma 19053 Hi Pot Tester
  • Chroma 61501 1Φ AC Power Source
  • Chroma 61704 AC Power Source
  • Chroma 63803 AC Load
  • Chroma G6000 Plus Hipot Tester

Our environmentally-controlled UKAS-accredited calibration laboratory offers a range of electrical equipment calibration and service, from a certificate of calibration traceable via our own standards to National Physics Laboratory, to a full UKAS accredited calibration. Combined with our modern service facility we can offer full service for all types of electrical and electronic instruments.

The Caltest instruments calibration laboratory is accredited by UKAS for DC and LF measurement, with particular focus on AC power and energy, both active and reactive measurements.

Please see our UKAS schedule of accreditation (PDF). Please note that items not covered by our schedule of accreditation may still be calibrated but they will not be covered by our UKAS accreditation. Please contact our calibration team for details.

Although Caltest Instruments’ UKAS schedule of accreditation and laboratory capabilities have a focus towards the calibration of power and energy standards, working standards, electric meter testing and associated equipment in the electricity supply industry, our UKAS accreditation and calibration laboratory covers a large range of AC power sources and electronic and electrical test equipment.

The majority of the laboratory’s capabilities are derived from basic principle, using primary standards, some of which have over 30 years of traceability. This method offers a high level of stability and accuracy.

Our calibration staff have a combined experience of over 50 years in UKAS accredited calibration laboratories and are available for advice on all calibration subjects.

Our UKAS schedule of accreditation found below.

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