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Adaptive Power Systems

Adaptive Power Systems (APS) was established in 2003 to manufacture and distribute a line of power conversion equipment to meet world-wide applications.

Adaptive Power System products are designed to fill the needs of power conversion for either AC or DC applications. The AC to AC converters provide frequencies and voltages found around the world for both commercial and military avionics or shipboard applications. Each system includes features that customers have asked for over the years. For instance, each unit in the APS product range will accept multiple frequency and voltage inputs, offers fully adjustable output frequency and a very broad adjustable voltage range that permits the duplication of any utility power configurations. The APS range is available in sizes from 500 VA to 120 kVA.

For DC power requirements, APS offers a broad range of highly efficient and compact programmable AC/DC power supplies for bench or rack mount use ranging from 1200 Watts to 100s of kilo Watts. A wide selection of power levels and voltage ranges to choose from ensures optimal solutions at very competitive prices.

In addition to AC and DC power sources, APS offers a range of AC and DC programmable electronic loads for a wide range of power test and development applications.

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