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OMNIA® II Electrical Safety Tester for Medical Equipment Manufacturers

The OMNIA® II Series of electrical safety testers for medical equipment manufacturers is, according to its maker, Associated Research, the most advanced electrical compliance analyser in the industry. As a 6-in-1 analyser in a 3U chassis, OMNIA® II is the complete medical type and production tester in a one-box solution.

OMNIA® II analysers are available in the UK only from Caltest Instruments. The automated line of multi-functional electrical safety testers has been designed to meet the most demanding application requirements.

The equipment has been built to assist manufacturers in conducting common medical electrical safety tests, helping to meet requirements for AC Hipot, DC Hipot, ground bond, ground continuity, insulation resistance, Functional Run, and leakage current. With exclusive product-enhancing features and the latest in safety technology, OMNIA® II has a multi-language menu system and a range of automation interfaces.

In a series of 6 models, 4 are exclusively for medical equipment manufacturers. The 8206, 8256, 8207 and 8257 models are specifically designed to test medical devices to IEC 60601/BS EN 60601 standards. These models include the appropriate measuring devices for leakage and touch current leakage tests required for patient connected equipment.

The IEC 60601/EN 60601 standard covers the basic safety, essential performance, and electromagnetic compatibility of medical electrical equipment. EN 60601-1 or “Part One” covers basic safety and performance for all such equipment, whilst “Part Two” standards are requirements for specific device types, such as defibrillators, ventilators, and incubators for example.

Guidance on setting up and operating a safe test area is available and covered in EN50191. We have practical accessories such as insulated mats, warning signs and emergency cut offs to assist with your compliance.

So, if you’re a medical electrical equipment manufacturer and you want to take advantage of all the benefits of the OMNIA® II Series of analysers, speak with Caltest today. Even if you’re not in the medical equipment manufacturing industry, Caltest has an electrical safety test solution for you.

OMNIA® II Series electrical safety analysers can be supplied with UKAS accredited calibration, and we offer servicing from our UK offices too.

All OMNIA® products are supplied with an industry-leading 5-year warranty as standard.

Caltest Instruments, UK suppliers of the OMNIA® II electrical safety tester for medical equipment manufacturers.To discuss your electrical safety testing requirements, call Caltest Instruments on 01483 302 700 or complete the simple contact form.

OMNIA® II Series electrical safety analysers are available for sales or hire and we offer servicing and a UKAS-accredited calibration.