1017 DC Multifunction Voltage Calibrator (Time Electronics)

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Test and Measurement

A highly stable and accurate mains or battery powered multifunction calibrator for applications requiring a precision voltage source of low internal resistance.

The Time Electronics 1010 DC voltage calibrator has five ranges up to 10V with a resolution up to 0.01μV. The compact and robust design make it easily portable and well suited to laboratory, field and industrial use. A carry case is available to house the instrument for transport or storage.

Voltage outputs are set by selecting the range switch and dialling up the desired value on the thumbwheel switch. Output polarity may be selected using the normal/off/reverse switch.

The calibrator’s output resistance is typically 500mΩ on the 10V, 1V and 0.1V ranges. The maximum output current that can be drawn on these ranges is limited to 25mA maintaining specification. The lower ranges have an output resistance of 1Ω and will supply current up to 30mA.

A precision zener diode is used as a reference source that provides an input to a F.E.T. chopper amplifier system operating in a feedback stabilised mode. The gain value is determined by a set of precision metal film resistors, selected by the 5-decade thumbwheel switch on the front panel. The output voltage is variable from 0.01µV to 9.9999V in 5 ranges.

For complete reliability, the calibrator range switch employs two contacts in parallel for each position in case one contact fails, ensuring the calibrator will still function correctly.

The 1010 can be powered from mains supply or by the internal rechargeable battery pack. When the calibrator is plugged into the mains supply the internal batteries will automatically start to recharge. If unplugged from the mains during operation the internal batteries will continue to power the instrument. Full charge allows 40 hours typical use. The battery condition monitored by a meter on the front panel.

Safety Terminals

Fitted with safety terminals that are fully compatible with 4mm shrouded plugs, as well as standard plugs, bare wires, and spade terminals.


The Time Electronics 1010 can be used for calibration, linearity, and gains stability measurements on DC amplifiers, digital and electronic voltmeters, data loggers and chart recorders. It’s high 10ppm per hour stability and very low noise levels are ideal for these types of applications.

The 1010 is a simple operation calibration instrument designed for accuracy and reliability. As part of the Time Electronics portable test equipment line it provides a high performance solution to voltage calibration applications.

Key Features:

  • DC Volts 10nV to 100V
  • DC Current 100nA to 100mA
  • Resistance 10mΩ to 10kΩ
  • 0.005% (50ppm) accuracy
  • 1 ppm setting resolution
  • Noise <2ppm (0.1 to 1Hz)
  • Stability <5ppm/day, <25ppm/yr
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