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Test and Measurement

The BLI Series of Micropotentiometers consist of a Model 1251 terminating resistor and a Model 1351 Thermoelement housing. These micropots are true RMS current to voltage converters for calibrating AC instruments. The NIST calibration range is from dc to 500 MHz (available to 1.2 GHz).

Key Features:

  • Precision low-level AC Generator
  • Can be used as primary standard
  • UHF Thermocouple
  • Usable from DC to 1.2 GHz

Radial Resistors: Available in nominal values from 0.5 to 22 ohms with a ± 30% tolerance. Each resistor is supplied soldered in a Type N female coaxial connector.

Housings: Normally supplied with either a 5, 10 or 15 mA UHF type thermocouple. Higher thermocouple ratings are available on request. Heater to thermocouple voltage must not exceed + 50 V dc or peak ac. Heater current is limited to 150% of rating.

Voltage Range:

800 microvolts to 1.4 volts dependent on combination of radial resistor and thermocouple selected. Each combination will have a nominal output voltage equal to the product of resistance and rated thermocouple current, and can be varied from 1/3 to 1-1/3 of this nominal output.

Outputs greater than 1.4 volts can be obtained by using higher thermocouple ratings.

Frequency: DC to 1.2 GHz

DC Reversal: The dc reversal error of the standard thermoelement is nominally ± 0.2%. Thermoelements with a dc reversal error of ± 0.005 (5 mA only) can be supplied on special request.

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