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Introducing the new 1395D series of TVC's, with Dual Thermal Element technology.  The 1395D offers double the output voltage (typically 14 mV instead of 7 mV).  This higher output voltage means better resolution and increased accuracy.  It can be used to measure AC Voltages between 20 Hz and 100 MHz and it can serve as a primary AC voltage standard and/or standard for calibration of AC calibrators and voltmeters.

Input Impedance:
50 ohms 0.3% to 12MHz
75 ohms 0.3% to 10MHz
93 ohms 0.5% to 10MHz

Couple Output: 14mV 12 %
Couple Resistance: less than 20 ohms.
Maximum DC Reversal Error: 0.04% standard; 0.005% optional.
Couple Output Voltage to Heater (ground): 50V (dc+ ac pk-pk) max.

Signal Input
Unbalanced type: one BNC male
Balanced type: two BNC female
Couple Output: 3-pin male MS3102A-10SL-3P

Mechanical Specifications: New heavy die cast enclosure provides increased stability and better thermal lagging.
1395B: Dimensions: 1.38" H x 2.52" Lx 2.28" W

Weight: 5.9 oz.


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