1656/1657 Battery Testers

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1656/1657 Battery Testers

Test and Measurement

The STS Battery Element Testers provide a unique method for the detection of assembly level insulation defects in lead-acid batteries, including missing and damaged separators.

Detection of such faults prior to filling and charging the battery minimizes costly reclamation. Traditional AC dielectric tests can detect such faults, but may produce damaging heat in moist cell applications. To overcome this limitation, STS has developed testers that employ a high-voltage, short duration pulse to maximize stress to the dielectric material while minimizing average energy. The goal is to provide sufficient stress to cause current flow in the presence of a failure. This technique allows reliable fault detection while eliminating damage due to overheating that may occur with an AC test.

All testers feature an adjustable test voltage with a peak output of 3,000 volts, accommodating a wide range of separator spacing and types. Durable solid state switching of the high voltage assures reliability for high volume applications. Easy-to-read digital displays provide readouts for applied voltage and quality readback. Following a simple setup procedure, operation is go/no-go, and requires no operator interpretation of results. The test voltage is applied using included safety probes. When a failure occurs, the high voltage is shut off and both audible and visual alarms warn the operator of the failure.


  • High precision test voltage improves product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Tests for shorts and opens on battery elements.
  • Short test times to support high volume production test.
  • Simple user interface/easy operation for reduced training cost.
  • Large, easy to read color backlit LCD.
  • Audible alarm provides clear pass/fail indications.
  • Remote computer interfaces for data collection for statistical process control.
  • Detachable safety probes ensure operator safety and easy replacement as needed.
  • On-Screen annual calibration due reminder.
  • USB standard, RS232 option, PLC option.
  • Lockout feature shuts off high voltage if product fails.
Model Output Voltage  Resolution Shape Duration Test Interval Datasheet
1656 300 to 3000V Pk  100V Pulse 120us typ. 30ms to 5000ms download data sheet
1657 300 to 3000V Pk  10V Pulse 120us typ.  30ms to 5000ms     download data sheet
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