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The Ballantine 4 Digit Micro-ohm Meter 3207 measures Low Resistance in Milli and micro-ohms with precise accuracy. It employs the proven 4-wire measurement technique and eliminates the lead resistance inherent in 2-wire technique to give accurate readings.

Key Features:

  • 4 LED display
  • True 4-wire measurement technique to eliminates lead resistance
  • Pulse Mode Operation for Basic Accuracy of 0.05%
  • 2 mW to 2000 W Full Scale Ranges
  • Resolution to 0.1 mW on 2 mW range
  • RS-232 PC Interface

Input Termination 4-Wire(2 voltage and 2 current terminals)

Input Protection
Maximum input voltage 250 V rms AC/DC
Current terminals protected by 1 A fuse, accessible on rear panel

Zero Adjust Front panel screwdriver adjustment

Warm-up 15 minutes for specified accuracy

Environmental Characteristics

0 C to 45 C, RH less than 95%

Storage -40 C to 55 C, RH no condensation

340 mm (D) x 258 mm (W) x 145 mm (H), approx.
Weight 3.2 kgs. before packing, 5.2 kgs. after packing, approx.

Power 90-132 V, 60 Hz


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