3A Series Programmable AC & DC LOADS – Adaptive Power Systems

Power Products

The Adaptive Power 3A Series of Programmable AC & DC Electronic Load Modules are ideally suited for testing AC products such as UPS, DC/AC inverters and AC power supplies. These loads not only handle sinusoidal AC input voltage but also non-sinusoidal voltages and highly distorted waveforms as often found on UPS outputs or inexpensive DC/AC inverters.

The high power density of the 3A Series allows up to four loads to be installed in a single 19″ wide rack-mount mainframe. For lesser demands, a single slot mainframe is available as well.

The 3A Series consists of a total of three different modules providing a variation of possible voltages choices.


Load Versatility

All ASP 3A Series Loads are equipped with a powerful microcontroller and user friendly controls to provide capabilities that cover a wide range of load applications. Built in metering of Voltage, Current, Power and Resistance standard. With its ability to operate in both AC or DC mode, the 3A Series provides great versatility for any lab or test floor.

AC Power Source Testing (AC Mode)

With its ability to simulate various power factor and crest factor AC load conditions, the APS 3A Series is an excellent real-world test solution for AC Power Sources and any other DC/AC inverter or AC/AC converter product. With up to four AC load channels per mainframe, high speed testing of AC products can be accommodated with four units being tested simultaneously, achieving significant test throughput in high voltage production environments.

DC Inverter Supply Design (AC Mode)

With built-in features like over current protection (OPC) test and over power protection (OPP) test and dynamic constant current waveform testing, new power supply designs can be thoroughly evaluated against design specifications. An analog input mode allows arbitrary current waveforms to be applied to a unit under test as well.

Battery Charge/Discharge Testing (DC Mode)

Using the DC load mode, specific discharge current levels can be set as a function of battery voltage. This allows characterisation and performance testing of various battery chemistries. AC/DC supplies and inverters can be tested in DC mode as well.

Single Channel Modules

ModelMax Power (W or VA)Max Voltage (VRMS)Max Current (ARMS)


MainframeNo. of SlotsMax PowerInterfaceDimensions (WxHxD)Weight
34M011300VARS2325.9 x 7.0 x 17.5″5,5kg
34M01-11300VARS232+GPIB5.9 x 7.0 x 17.5″5,5kg
34M0441200VARS23217.3 x 7.0 x 17.5″9,3kg
34M04-141200VARS232+GPIB17.3 x 7.0 x 17.5″9,3kg