4 Series – Modular DC Loads

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4 Series – Modular DC Loads

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The Adaptive Power 4 Series of Programmable Modular DC Loads are ideally suited for testing multiple output AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, battery chargers, LEDlighting power supplies and other power products.

The high power density of the 4 Series allows up to 8 loads to be installed in a single 19″ wide rack-mount mainframe. For lesser demands, mainframes with two slots or a single slot are available as well.

The 4 Series consists of a total of 12 different modules types providing a wide variation of possible voltage, current, power and feature choices. Starting at 75 Watt and ranging to 300 Watt per module, all modules offer dual range capability for optimal accuracy and resolution. Voltage ranges start at 60Vdc and extend up to 500Vdc. Special LED simulation loads are available for lighting applications. (41D/42D Models).

Key Features:

  • Max. Power 300W per Module
  • Wide Voltage Range, 0 – 500 Vdc
  • Max. Current Range 60 Adc
  • Single Load, Dual Load and LED Load Modules Available
  • Up to 8 Load Inputs per Mainframe
  • Parallel Modules to 1200W
  • Synchronized Operation of Multiple Loads
  • Special LED Load Models available for lighting applications
  • Operating Modes: CC, CP, CR, CV and LED
  • Built-in Short Circuit Test
  • Over Current Protection Test Mode
  • Over Power Protection Test Mode
  • Static and Dynamic CC Modes
  • Available Interface Options are USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN


Load Versatility

All ASP 4 Series Loads are equipped with a powerful microcontroller and user friendly controls to provide capabilities that cover a wide range of load applications. Built in metering of Voltage, Current, Power and Resistance.

Power Supply design

With a range of up to 8 load channels, the 42L load modules support testing for multiple output power supplies and AC/DC converters. The ability to load all outputs simultaneously of to test up to eight single output DC supplies at once provides significant test throughput in high voltage production environments.

Battery Charge/Discharge Testing

Time sequencing of specific discharge current levels as a function of battery voltage allows characterization and performance testing of various battery chemistries. The high current resolution and accuracy of the 4 Series load modules supports testing of very small batteries for portable device applications.

LED Lighting

The 41D and 42D load modules are specially designed to support LED lighting applications by allowing accuracy simulation of LED load characteristic to be simulated. These modules simulate an LED V-I curve based on Vd and Rd input settings. For dimming LED supply development and test, the 41D and 42D modules include a PWM dimming output signal with programmable duty cycle and frequency. Recently updated with higher current support levels, multiple voltage ranges for higher accuracy and resolution, the 41D/42D LED loads offer the best price performance for lighting applications available.

Single Channel Modules:

Model Max Power (W) Max Voltage (V) Max Current (A)
41L0630 150 60 30
41L0660 300 60 60
41L2512 300 250 12
41L5012 300 500 12
41L0615 75 60 15

Dual Channel Modules:

Model Max Power (W) Max Voltage (V) Max Current (A)
42L0860 250/50 80/80 60/6
42L0824 120/120 80/80 24/24
42L0803 40/40 80/80 3/3

LED Simulator Modules:

Model Max Power (W) Max Voltage (V) Max Current (A)
41D3024 300 300 24
41D5012 300 500 12
41D5024 300 500 24
42D5006 150/150 500/500 6.0/6.0


Mainframe Slots max Power Size Weight
44M01 1 300W 160x177x452mm 5,5kg
44M02 2 600W 269x177x452mm 7,5kg
44M04 4 1200W 440x177x445mm 9,3kg
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