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5018 Programmable DC/AC V/I Calibrator

High Accuracy Programmable DC/AC Source

The 5018 is a versatile instrument that covers a wide range of applications. It can be configured as a simple benchtop DC voltage source or advanced AC/DC voltage and current calibrator controlled via PC or laptop, performing any number of tasks as part of a complex ATE test rig.

Ramping Feature

The 5018 includes an internal ramping feature. A ramp rate per range for each function can be set via a PC. The option to ramp the output can be turned on or off via the front panel. This is particularly useful in aviation and automotive industries for testing analogue gauges.

Simple Operation and Clear Visual Display

Simple front panel operation allows the user to quickly set the function and output required. Using the jog / shuttle dial deviation the user can finely adjust the output value as a percentage (+/- 99.99%). All this information is shown on a clear, easy to read LED display. 

GPIB, RS-232, and USB Interfaces

These interfaces allow the 5018 to be connected to a PC and controlled by an external program such as Time Electronics’ EasyCal calibration software. The 5018 uses a SCPI command structure for programming. This makes writing control programs in Visual Basic, C and Labview a simple task.

Key Features:

  • 0 - 22V DCV (30V DC optional)
  • 0 - 22V AC, 220V & 1kV DC options
  • Optional 0 - 220mA AC/DC
  • Ramping feature
  • GPIB / RS-232 / USB interfaces
  • Ideal for ATE applications
  • EasyCal Software compatible


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