Time 5068 Insulation Tester Calibrator (Time Electronics)

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Time Electronics 5068 Insulation Tester Calibrator Test and Measurement

A precision instrument suitable for calibrating and testing general purpose insulation testers and megohmmeters with test voltages up to 2.5kV.

It is constructed in a high strength co-polymer plastic case and is powered by a rechargeable battery. This ensures full isolation from the mains and prevents stray leakage.

The insulation tester being calibrated can be tested for open circuit voltage and short circuit current. These are displayed on the digital meter mounted on the front panel. Nine selectable precision resistors provide the insulation resistance test. Also fitted are 4 fixed low resistance values for verification of the low ohm ranges and continuity.

Time 5068 Key Features:

  • 100KΩ to 10GΩ
  • Basic accuracy 1%
  • Up to 2.5kV operation
  • Battery operation
  • Fully shrouded safety connectors
  • Display of open circuit voltage
  • Display of short circuit current
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