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5077 Power Calibrator

A high accuracy AC and DC power calibrator suitable for calibrating watt-meters, power meters, and kW-Hr meters. Supplied with its own "PC Virtual Control” software allowing the user full control via laptop or PC. Frequency can be set in 0.1Hz steps from 45 to 400Hz, and phase in 0.1degree steps. Alternatively power factor (PF) can be set in 0.01 steps. The output can be displayed as VA or Watts.

The standard maximum AC current output (22A) can be extended to 100A by using an optional 100A current transformer. This extends the maximum power to 0.1MW/MVA. A clamp meter adaptor option is also available (1 and 50 turns).

Key Features:

  • 20mA to 22A AC/DC
  • 100A AC I transformer option
  • 1mV to 1050V AC/DC
  • +90.0 deg to -90.0 deg
  • 0.00 to 1.00 Lead/Lag
  • 45 to 400 Hz in 0.1Hz steps
  • RS-232 / GPIB / USB interface


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