5080 PAT Calibrator

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A precision calibrator designed to provide rapid high accuracy calibration of portable appliance testers and insulation/continuity testers.

The 5080 has calibration functions for earth bond, insulation, leakage, touch leakage, and load test.

Housed in a robust safety case the 5080 is easily portable and ideal for field calibration work. It is battery powered, which ensures isolation and prevents inaccuracies due to stray leakage. Features include safety interlock that prevents contact with earth bond studs during insulation and leakage tests, and an LCD display for voltage and current.

Key Features:
  • Calibrate PATs & VDE0701 testers
  • Battery powered
  • LCD display of voltage & current
  • Safety interlock feature
  • Earth bond currents up to 50A AC
  • Load test currents up to 13A AC
  • Impact resistant case
SKU: 271
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