5VP Series DC Load

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5VP Series DC Load

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The Adaptive Power 5VP Series loads are intended for very high power DC test and product development applications in a wide range of industries. The 5VP Series models support voltages to 60V, 600V or 1000V and are well suited for testing large battery systems, high power AC/DC converters and energy storage systems found in Solar and Wind power applications. Their flexible V-I operating curves span range of voltage and current combinations at high power levels. All 5VP Series models have a low range mode for enhanced accuracy and resolution at lower voltage and current levels, further increasing their effectiveness.

The 5VP Series consists of a total of 24 different models providing a wide variation of possible voltage, current and power combinations.

Key Features:

  • Up to 60kW per Cabinet
  • Low Voltage Range, 0 – 6 Vdc
  • Voltages up to 1000Vdc
  • Current Ranges up to 1000 Adc
  • High-Speed 5 Digit Precision Metering Capability
  • Parallel Operation for High Power Applications
  • Compact Design
  • Movable Cabinet on lockable Casters
  • Operating Modes: CC, CP, CR and CV
  • Built-in Short Circuit Test
  • Over Current Protection Test Mode
  • Over Power Protection Test Mode
  • Static and Dynamic CC Modes
  • Available Interface Options are USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN


Load Versatility

All APS 5VP Series Loads are equipped with a powerful microcontroller and user friendly controls to provide capabilities that cover a wide range of load applications. Precision metering of Voltage, Current, Power and Resistance is standard.

Power Supply Testing

Elaborate testing of linear and switch mode AC/DC power supplies at high speeds is made possible by flexible ranging and wide V-I operating curves found in all 5VP Series APS loads. This supports high throughput production test and burn-in of small and large AC/DC power supplies.

Power Supply Design

With built-in features like over current protection (OPC) test and over power protection (OPP) test and dynamic constant current waveform testing, new power supply designs can be thoroughly evaluated against design specifications. An analog input mode allows arbitrary current waveforms to be applied to a unit under test as well.

Battery Charge/Discharge Testing

Time sequencing of specific discharge current levels as a function of battery voltage allows characterization and performance testing of various battery chemistries. The high current resolution and accuracy of the 5VP Series load supports testing of both small and large batteries.

5VP Models – 5KW – 30KW / 60V

Model Max Power (W) Max Voltage (V) Max Current (A)
5VP05-100 5000 60 1000
5VP10-100 10000 60 1000
5VP15-100 15000 60 1000
5VP20-100 20000 60 1000
5VP25-100 25000 60 1000
5VP30-100 30000 60 1000

5VP Models – 5KW – 30KW / 60V

Model Max Power (W) Max Voltage (V) Max Current (A)
5VP05-16 5000 600 160
5VP10-32 10000 600 320
5VP15-48 15000 600 480
5VP20-64 20000 600 640
5VP25-80 25000 600 800
5VP30-96 30000 600 960
5VP50-21 50000 600 210
5VP60-24 60000 600 240

5VP Models – 5KW – 60KW / 1000V

Model Max. Leistung (W) Max. Spannung (V) Max. Strom (A)
5VP05-05 5000 1000 50
5VP10-10 10000 1000 100
5VP15-15 15000 1000 150
5VP20-20 20000 1000 200
5VP25-25 25000 1000 250
5VP30-30 30000 1000 300
5VP35-35 35000 1000 350
5VP40-40 40000 1000 400
5VP50-50 50000 1000 500
5VP60-60 60000 1000 600
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