7006 Loop Simulator (Time Electronics)

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Time Electronics 7006 Loop Simulator Power Products

The Time Electronics 7006 is a single function low-cost pocket sized unit, designed for test and calibration of process loops. Simplicity of operation is the key feature – no keypads or complicated selections. Engineers will be able to pick up the 7006 and get to work immediately. Just select 4 – 20mA or 10V loop, and TxSim, RxTest, or 0 to 10V DC simulation mode. Internal loop drive supply for powering the loop is also available if required.

As a loop simulator it acts as a source to provide the loop signals, 4 – 20mA or 0 – 10V. No complicated selection of the output, just operate up/down buttons to increase or decrease the signal. There are 7 set-points, 0%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 100%. Each is indicated on a high brightness LED and an audible beep sounds as you step between them. Auto-stepping mode (adjustable rate) allows the 7006 to be left connected stepping up and down.

For loop signal checking Time Electronics offer the 7007 Loop-Mate as an accompanying instrument. An engineer can then move to another location to check that the signal is arriving correctly and is within specification. The 7007 is a dedicated loop signal indicator, just as easy to operate. Once again select the loop type, 4 – 20mA, or 0 – 10V, and whether you want the display in direct units, or % of span. The LCD display shows the signal to an accuracy of 0.05% either in mA, V, or % of span.

Both units are powered by a single standard PP3 battery that gives up to 40 hours continuous use.

Time 7006 Loop Simulator Key Features:

  • Loop source/measure – V or I
  • Measure 0 – 25V or 0 – 125mA
  • Source 0 – 21V or 0 – 50mA
  • Accuracy 0.01%
  • Resolution 1╬╝A or 1mV
  • Programmable ranges
  • Manual step, auto-step & ramp
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