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Test and Measurement

The 7018 is a differential pressure calibrator suitable for field and laboratory calibration work of both diffential pressure and electrical process loop signals. The instrument is designed for very stable measurement of differential pressures between its two output ports, enabling the calibration of differential pressure gauges, transducers, and transmitters. There are five available versions, according to the required range, either 0.2, 2, 5, or 10bar.

Features include a 4.5 digit LCD display with 4 selectable pressure units plus mA, zeroing switch, and two quick release connector ports (Hi and Lo for differential pressure input) that are situated on the front panel of the unit. Best accuracy is 0.04% of full scale.

For process signal calibration the loop signal is displayed on the LCD display to 0.05% accuracy. Loop drive supply (24V or 36V) is also provided. Both pressure and loop signal can be displayed at the same time to speed up the calibration of pressure transmitters. Additionally a continuity function is available for testing for open circuit loops.

Key Features:

  • 0.2, 2, 5 & 10bar versions
  • Accuracy 0.04% of full scale
  • Pneumatic
  • Over-pressure alarm
  • Isolated 24/36V loop supply
  • Loop current measure
  • Mains or battery powered
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