7030 Automatic Pressure Calibrator

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The 7030 is a high speed benchtop pressure controller/calibrator suitable for wide workload calibration of pressure devices such as transmitters, sensors and gauges. Models can be configured for ranges from -1 to 100bar (-1 to 1,500psi), with a barometric reference option available for absolute pressure emulation. Additionally an IntelliScale option can be ordered to provide IS-50 accuracy of 0.025 % of reading in the upper half of the measuring range. This option also provides an enhanced accuracy on the lower 50% of the models range.

The 7030 user interface has an intuitive touch screen to enable fast and simple operation. EasyCal software can also be used with the unit to fully automate the calibration process, providing control and read back during testing applications.

Key Features:
  • Ranges from -1 to 100bar
  • Control speed < 3 seconds
  • Control stability 0.003% of range
  • Accuracy 0.025% FS
  • IntelliScale option
  • Touch screen user interface
  • EasyCal software compatible
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