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7190 Benchtop Micro-Pressure Calibration Pump

The 7190 is a hand operated pressure pump designed to generate either vacuum to -0.4 bar (-6psi) or pressures to 0.4bar (6psi). A high-quality screw press is designed for fine pressure adjustment, with adjusting resolution up to 0.0001mbar (0.01Pa).

To reach the pressure stability as high as possible during the micro-pressure calibration, an isothermal bellows chamber is designed for reducing the possible heat effects such as environmental temperature change. The 7190 is designed without a non-returning valve meaning minimal maintenance is required. Two finger-tight connectors installed on the pump allow the user using fingers to connect and disconnect the reference gauge and devices under test quickly and easily without the need for PTFE tape or wrenches. 

The 7190 is ideal for applications requiring accurate low pressure testing and calibration.It can be used in calibrating low pressure gauges, transmitters, or other pressure measuring instruments. To accompany the pump a wide range of precision digital pressure gauges are available. The TEG-C400mb covers the full range of the pump (0 to 400mbar) with accuracies of either 0.2%, 0.1%, 0.05%, or 0.025% of full scale.

Key Features:

 -0.4bar vacuum to 0.4bar (6psi)

 Double output manifold

 Resolution: 0.0001mbar (0.01Pa)

 Screw press for fine adjustment

 Bellows minimise leakage

 Isothermal chamber for stability 

 Compact, lightweight design


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