NH Research 9200 Series Battery Test System

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9200 Series Battery Test System for automated characterization testing, power cycling testing, life-cycle testing & more!

The Battery Module/Pack Test System (9200 Series) is designed for all battery chemistries including lead-acid, nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion. This battery test system is ideally suited for applications where maximum tester configuration flexibility is needed to adapt to a broad range of battery voltage, current and power requirements now and in the future (see diagram).

Another good fit is where high-speed set & measurement are necessary to better characterize battery transient performance.

A third application is where easier and faster test program creation is desired.

All applications benefit from the battery test systems discharge power recycling capability, which results in both a cooler test environment and system cost recovery in a few years. Other battery pack test system applications such as battery emulation, battery charger test and power supply burn-in are covered in supplemental product bulletins.


For individual model specifications please see the 9200 series datasheet.

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