9300 Series Battery Test System

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9300 Series Battery Test System

High Voltage Battery Test System

NHR’s 9300 series battery test system is a high-voltage, fast-acting, fully programmable, and bi-directional DC source (charge) that provides reversible current flow in order to act as a regenerative DC load (discharge).

Both modes support any combination of constant power, constant voltage, and constant-current regulation limits. Products tested include batteries, fuel cells, ultra-capacitors, and other energy storage devices used in the automotive, aviation, electric vehicle, heavy industrial, marine, grid storage, university research, and standards certification laboratory markets.

The most frequent uses of the NHR 9300 series are for battery charge/discharge cycling, testing battery chargers and battery emulation.

9300 Series Features

The 9300 Series High Voltage Battery Test System features:

  • R&D & production lab testing of battery modules and battery packs.
  • Bi-directional DC source and DC load.
  • Right-sized 100kW modules scalable to 2.4MW/8000A.
  • Wide-operating envelope, dual range 600V, 1200V.
  • Regenerative Power > 90% energy efficiency.
  • Current, voltage & mode transitions <2 mSec.
  • Built-in digital measurements with charting & scope displays.
  • Battery emulation mode.
  • Touch panel, LabVIEW® & IVI Drivers.
  • Enerchron® Test Executive (optional extra).

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