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H-Series FCTS - PEM Fuel Cell Testing System

Arbin Instruments' H-Series test systems are designed specifically for testing PEM fuel cells. We offer H-model standard systems in the range of 20W up to 10kW. In addition to the standard features, we offer many innovative options which allow us to custom configure any standard system to exactly meet your needs.

Key Features:

  • Automated and Integrated (Plug and Play) Design
  • Dual Input Gas Handling System with
  • Explosion-Proof Combustible Gas Sensors
  • Single Patented Dew Point Humidifiers with Flexible
  • Heated Transfer Lines and Dry Gas Bypass
  • Sub-Section PID Control with Auto Tuning
  • Exhaust Gas Programmable Back Pressure Control with Water Trap Handling
  • Programmable, Accurate, and Precise Electronic Load
  • Stoichiometric Flow Rate Control Feature
  • Proprietary MITS Pro Testing Software
  • Auxiliary Temperature and Voltage Measurements

Model Stack cooling/heating capacity Electronic load voltage range Electroniciload current
500W / 1kW  
2~15V / 2~5V 
150A / 15A / 1A  → Data Sheet
FCTS 1kH 1kW / 1kW    
2.5~30V / 2.5~5V 150A / 15A / 1A  → Data Sheet
FCTS 2kH 2kW / 1.5kW 2.5~35V / 2.5~5V 250A / 20A / 2A  → Data Sheet


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