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FXS Series

The FXS501 line leakage tester (also called leakage current measurement tester) complies with the electrical safety testing requirements according to the VDE, UL, CSA standards and to the main EN European standards involved in the LOW VOLTAGE DIRECTIVE (LVD).

The FXS501 can be coupled to the XS series in order to cover the 4 tests required by the electrical safety testing standards. (dielectric strength test, insulation test and ground bond test). Those 4 electrical safety tests can automatically be performed with 1 single action : “one button check-up”.

Key Features:

  • Automatically performs the 8 most common line leakage tests with 1 single button
  • 8 available measurement circuits in order to comply with most of the international 
  • Current measurement from 0.001 to 20 mA (60 mA option)
  • Power measurement up to 63 A single phase and three phases (option), cos φ (option), and functional test (option)   
  • ETHERNET, RS232C, PLC or IEEE488-2 interfaces


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