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The GSG-Series are FM/AM standard signal generators providing CW, AM, and FM signals from 100kHz to 110MHz with the calibrated output levels from -19dB to 99dB in 1dB step. The intuitive user interface of the GSG-Series enables free combinations of frequency, output level, and modulation. Output settings can be stored and recalled easily; 10 points in one block up to 100 continuous points, with 4 independent output levels. Remote controlling is available with the optional GRC-1201 unit which enhances the memory recall function from a distance. All these superior features of GSG-Series cover most of the applications in receiver manufacturing and maintenance industries.

Key Features:

  • Freq Range 100kHz ~ 110MHz 
  • Output Level -19 ~+99 dBu 
  • All Operations are Controlled by Microprocessor 
  • Memory Storage: 10 points in one block(up to 100 continuous points) *and 4 output levels 
  • Memory Data Copy 
  • Back Space key 
  • Remote Control Function(Need the GRC-1201 option) 
  • FM Stereo Modulation (GSG-122 only)


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