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High Rate Discharge Testing Solutions

The Arbin HRDT series is a single channel system designed for high rate discharge applications such as SLI battery cranking tests (cold or warm) for any battery chemistry. Users may de-fine their own custom discharge profile for any large battery/capacitor testing application. Arbin’s software offers incredibly flexible control over test control parameters and conditions.

Arbin offers several different hardware technologies that can be utilized in the HRDT systems for discharge-only, or charge & discharge capability. Systems are heavily engineered so the most appropriate technology is used to meet each testing re-quirement without adding excess cost for features not needed.

Standard models have been created for common lead acid as well as lithium and other advanced chemistries of battery.

Key Features:

  • Areas of application include Aircraft, Automotive, Locomotive and other battery types
  • High rate discharge capability to simulate starter, lights and ignition cranking test
  • Current range: up to 2500A; Voltage range up to 80V
  • Air cooled design for compact floor space
  • Modular design for ease of service
  • Multiple layers of fusing and safety parameters to protect the devise under test and hardware
  • Voltage clamp to protect from over or under charge and discharge
  • Auxiliary voltages input
  • Auxiliary temperature input
  • Optional charging capabilities if required

Model Continuous Power (W) Peak Power Rating  (W)
30V—1500A 22.5kW 45kW
30V—2500A 36kW 
48V—1500A 36kW  72kW
48V—2000A 48kW  96kW
60V—1600A 48kW  96kW
48V—2500A 60kW  120kW
80V—1500A 60kW  120kW


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