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Adaptive Power Systems

Load software

The ADAPTIVE POWER SYSTEMS Windows control software provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to take full control of all load functions and settings over any of the available remote control interfaces using a Windows computer. Using a visual representation of the actual front panel layout and operation of the load, this Windows software adds convenient data entry using a PC keyboard and mouse. The larger screen available on PC’s also provides multiple read outs and enhanced data displays compared to front panel operation.

Key Features:

  • Control all Load Settings and Functions
  • Supports 2 or 3 Phase Modes
  • Retrieve, Display and Store Measurement Data
  • Strip Chart display of all Load Measurements
  • Supports all APS AC Load Models
  • Save Setups for Quick Recall
  • Create, Save, Edit and Execute Auto Test Sequences
  • Develop Test Sequences Off-Line for later use
  • Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Compatible
  • Multi-threaded Data Collection to Tab Delimited Text Files
  • Supports USB,  RS232, GPIB and LAN Interfaces
  • Built-in Simulation Mode
  • Simulation Mode Includes AC Source

AC Load Main Control Screen

AC Load Main Control Screen

Visual Data Logging Screen

Visual Data Logging Screen

Crest Factor & Power Factory Library

Crest Factor & Power Factory Library


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