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ME1 Series

The ME1 series of Static Frequency Converters consists of a wide range of single and three phase input systems with a single phase output. Custom built systems to meet specific requirements are our speciality, the ME1’s modular microprocessor based design makes it incredibly flexible and thus easy to meet almost any build requirement.

Model Input Output  Watts/VA Ratting  Current@230V  Current@115V
ME1-3.2k Single Single  3.2K  13.9A  27.8A
ME1-4.8k Single Single  4.8K  20.8A  41.7A
ME1-4.8k Three Single  4.8K  20.8A  41.7A
ME1-6.4k Single Single  6.4K  27.8A  55.6A
ME1-6.4k Three Single 6.4K  27.8A  55.6A
ME1-8.0k Single Single  8.0K  34.7A  69.5A
ME1-8.0k Three Single  8.0K  34.7A  69.5A
ME1-10k Single Single  10K  43.4A  86.9A
ME1-10k Three Single  10K  43.4A  86.9A
ME1-12k Single Single  12K  52.1A  104.3A
ME1-12k Three Single  12K  52.1A  104.3A
ME1-16k Single Single  16K  69.5A  139.1A
ME1-16k Three Single  16K  69.5A  139.1A
ME1-20k Single Single  20K  86.9A  173.9A
ME1-20k Three Single  20K  86.9A  173.9A
ME1 24k Single Single  24K  104.3A  208.6A
ME1 24k Three Single  24K  104.3A  208.6A
ME1 32k Three Single  32K  139.1A  278.2A


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