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PPA5500-TE: Power Analyzer Transformer Edition

N4L's launch of the brand new PPA5500-TE is the result of experience and knowledge gathered within the transformer industry, bringing a power analyzer with exceptional performance and excellent accuracy in low power factor applications.

Featuring the industry renowned planar shunt technology (a shunt design topology developed by N4L) and FPGA based real time no gap analysis techniques, the PPA5500 is able to provide ground breaking low power factor analysis performance. Every PPA5500-TE is supplied with a comprehensive UKAS ISO17025 certificate, featuring power calibration at a range of power factors from unity to 0.01, calibration is performed at N4L in the UK in their accredited ISO17025 Laboratory.

Specification Highlights

Voltage and Current Input Accuracy 0.02%rdg + 0.02%rng
45-65Hz Phase Accuracy 0.003deg
UKAS ISO17025 All accuracies certified to ISO17025
45-65Hz Power Accuracy (Watts) Total % error, PF 1 ~ 0.5 0.15%
45-65Hz Power Accuracy (Watts) Total % error, PF 0.5 ~ 0.05 0.23%
45-65Hz Power Accuracy (Watts) Total % error, PF 0.05 ~ 0.02     0.52%
45-65Hz Power Accuracy (Watts) Total % error, PF 0.02 ~ 0.01 0.55%
Measurement Bandwidth DC, 10mHz ~ 2MHz
Calibration Interval 24 Months
Communication Ports RS232, LAN, GPIB or USB
Warranty 3 years

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Unless otherwise specified in the datasheet or the table above, the technical specifications of the PPA5500-TE remain the same as the instruments in the PPA5500 Series, which you can find here.


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