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Other accessories

Single Phase Universal 10Arms Breakout Box

Single Phase Voltage and Current Breakout Box
The 10Arms Single Phase Universal breakout box is a convenient solution to single phase power measurement of domestic appliances. The breakout box features a universal CE compliant shuttered outlet for connection of a range of sockets. The 4mm safety connectors offer seamless connection to any of the N4L power analyzer range.

Max Current        Max Voltage          V/I Connection      
10Arms 240Vrms  
4mm Safety

PCIS Phase Controlled Inrush Switch

PCIS Phase Controlled Inrush Switch

The Phase Controlled Inrush Switch provides the engineer with the ability to “program” the phase angle of the input power waveform at which power is applied to any DUT. The PCIS allows the user to pre program 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270 and 315. This function is particularly useful when testing the inrush current of a device which is either inductive or capacitive, allowing “worst case” phase angles to be applied to the device under test.

Max Current       

Max Voltage         

V/I Connection      



4mm Safety

PPA500/PPA1500 Carry Case

N4L Power Analyzer Flight Case

The N4L PPA500/PPA1500 Aluminium carry cases offer ruggedness in a lightweight package, providing the engineer with the ability to transport the Power Analyzer via freight or an aircraft hold. The Aluminium design offers protection whilst the CNC machined foam inserts secure the instrument in place.


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