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RTM 1000 Digital Oscilloscopes

Due to their excellent measurement properties and wide variety of practical functions, the R&S®RTM1000 oscilloscopes facilitate daily work, whether in product development or service. Their compact dimensions, simple operation and brilliant display make them the first choice for everyday test and measurement tasks.

Key Features:

  • Finding signal faults quickly and effectively
  • Tools for fast signal analysis
  • Smart operating concept
  • Reliable results for stringent demands
  • Triggering and decoding of serial protocols

Finding signal faults quickly and effectively

  • Extensive triggering options for keeping track of important signal events
  • Highlighting of rare events simplifies debugging
  • Optimal overview: X-Y(-Z) mode
  • Versatile selection of signal acquisition modes
  • "Smooth" mode for smoothing non-periodic signals

Tools for fast signal analysis

  • Detailed analysis made easy: with zoom function and event marker
  • QuickMeas – key results at the push of a button
  • Extensive cursor-based measurement functions
  • FFT – signal analysis in the frequency domain
  • Mask tests for revealing signal deviations

Smart operating concept

  • Color-coded controls for clear overview
  • Flat menu structures and dedicated buttons for getting work done quickly
  • High-resolution XGA display – perfect for even the finest details
  • Connectivity
  • Portable due to compact design

Reliable results for stringent demands

  • High time resolution – even for long signal sequences
  • Excellent measurement accuracy due to low-noise frontends
  • Full measurement bandwidth, even at 1 mV/div
  • No crosstalk thanks to good channel-to-channel isolation
  • Precise measurement of steep edges using passive probes

Model Bandwidth Channels
R&S®RTM1054 500MHz 
R&S®RTM1052 500MHz 2


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