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The SFG-830 Series 30MHz Arbitrary Function Generator is one of the most versatile and highly qualitative signal generators utilizing DDS techniques. They not only offer the standard generator functions but also provide accurate modulations, sweep, and arbitrary waveform generation. 

The free editing software allows professional users to obtain, edit, or create frequency and amplitude characteristics as desired through RS-232C interface or GPIB interface (SFG-830G). The SFG-830 Series is suited to simulate all signals encountered including both ideal and abnormal conditions. For applications, such as product design, manufacturing testing, automotive, and sensor stimulation, the SFG-830 Series is the best solution provider for generating arbitrary waveforms.

Key Features:

  • 30MHz Direct Digital Synthesizer(DDS)technique 
  • 20mHz Frequency Resolution 
  • 10ppm Frequency Accuracy 
  • 12 Bit, 5M Sample/S Arbitrary Waveforms 
  • Internally Synthesized FM, AM and Phase Modulation (PSK) 
  • Linear and Log Sweeps 
  • Arbitrary Modulation 
  • Standard Interface: RS-232C
  • GPIB Interface (SFG-830G)

SFG-830 30MHz Arbitrary Function Generator with RS-232C Interface
SFG-830G 30MHz Arbitrary Function Generator with RS-232C & GPIB Interface


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