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Accessories Selective Level Meter

SLM Custom Lead Set

Selective Level Meter Connection Lead Set

The SLM custom lead set was developed in collaboration with a leading PLCC communications manufacturer, the SLM custom lead set provides a convenient method of connection to a wide range on interfaces.

Model Lead colour  Quantity Length  Data Specification
BNC to BNC 1xRed, 1xBlack 2 2m  ⇒ Datasheet
BNC to Alligator 1xRed, 1xBlack 2 2m  ⇒ Datasheet
BNC to Pin Tip 1xRed, 1xBlack
 ⇒ Datasheet
4mm to Pin Tip 1xRed, 1x Green, 1xBlack 3 2m  ⇒ Datasheet
4mm to Alligator 1xRed, 1x Green, 1xBlack 3 2m  ⇒ Datasheet

 N4L Directional Couplers

Selective Level Meter 50+75 Ohm Directional Couplers

The SLM3505 incoroprates an innovative power measurement technique dervied from impedance analysis. This mode is a fast and convenient alternative to VSWR measurements with a passive coupler but for applications requiring VSWR technique, our 50R and 75R couplers are designed for direct connection to the SML3505 ballanced input.

Frequency range: 10kHz (10W) to 500kHz(100W)

SLM3505 Aluminium Flight Case

SLM3505 Selective Level Meter Flight Case

The SLM3505 selective level meter carry case is a tough, lightweight aluminium carry case featuring security locks and CNC machined padded inserts. The SLM3505 carry case offers ultimate protection and is supplied as standard with the SLM3505 instrument.


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