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Synor 4209

This high voltage harness tester has identical specs as the Synor 4202 and Synor 4203 but is presented as a Daisy chain tester.

From the central unit, extension modules can be chained in order to avoid long distance of interface cables.

Those testers comply with the VDE, UL, CSA standards and to the main EN European standards involved in the LOW VOLTAGE DIRECTIVE (LVD).

Mainly orientated for manufacturing, maintenance and repair in rough environment, this Harness Tester can also be driven by wireless radio system.

Key Features:

  • AC/DC dielectric strength test
  • Insulation measurement
  • Four wire measurement
  • Shielding detection
  • Functional testing / stimuli
  • Component testing
  • Multilingual software

Model Number of test points AC/DC Dielectrical strength test
(hipot tester)
DC Insulation test /
 resistance range
2/4 wires continuity test
Synor 4209  
64-100000 2 relays per point /Multi-contact relays
Up to 5000 VAC 6000 VDC
(AC hipot option)
20-4200V DC
1-250 Ω


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