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ZSLV Series

Key Features:

  • Specially designed for testing fuel cells
  • Voltage up to 20 VZSLV Serie
  • Current up to 2,250 A
  • Power 1,000 W ... 6,000 W
  • Full current at 150 mV ... 200 mV input voltage
  • Current, voltage, resistance, power mode
  • Dynamic loads
  • SCPI programming with measurement function
  • Full electronic protection
  • Analog measurement outputs for voltage, current and power
  • Analog control input
  • Dynamic function with synchronized data logging

Operating Modes

The ZSLC series electronic loads have the four operating modes constant current, voltage, power and resistance. In addition, depending on the operating mode limit values can be set for the maximum permissible current and the minimum permissible voltage.

To increase the resolution for each device, along with the full setting range, a reduced setting of 1/3 of the rated current is available. The load can be preset even without a connected test unit. The display then shows the values directly in amps, ohms, volts or watts.

Dynamic and Control Time

The inbuilt modular enables two independently-adjustable currents and times from 100 μs ... 1 s. The control speed of the devices can be adjusted to the test unit in three stages (fast - medium - slow).

Interfaces (optional)

  • RS-232 + USB
  • GPIB
  • Smart-LAN (Ethernet-RS-232 Converter)
  • System Interface Cabel or Fiber Optic
  • Data Acquisition Tool

1000W 220A
1500W 500A
2000W 750A
4000W 1500A
6000W 2250A


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