ADF Series Programmable AC Power Source

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ADF Series Programmable AC Power Source

AC Test Power Reimagined

The ADF Series is a family of high power, single phase or three phase, AC Power Sources. Available models range from 15kVA to 90kVA . Using a modern user interface for ease of use, the ADF Series is cost effective and fully programmable for basic frequency conversion and power test applications.

The ADF uses state-of-the-art digital power conversion technologies. Power density is among the highest in the industry allowing 15kVA of power in only 4U (7″) of rack space.

Great emphasis has been placed on energy efficiency, ease of installation, and maximum power per cubic inch of rack space. Control and operational features provide a high degree of application versatility and ease of use for the test engineer. Applications range from manually controlled frequency conversion to programmed ATE AC line testing of AC powered products.

Power conversion within the ADF Series is achieved by digitally controlled, high frequency pulse width modulation, resulting in energy efficient operation.

The ADF includes standard analogue and digital I/O functions for integration in automated test equipment (ATE). Standard output frequency range is from 45Hz to 500Hz, covering all commercial and industrial power frequencies as well as typical 400Hz avionics testing. The available F option offers frequency range extension down to 15Hz for railway applications and up to 1200Hz to support 360Hz to 800Hz wild frequency avionics applications.

Standard output mode for the ADF is AC but for those customers that occasionally need to test DC powered product, the “D” option adds DC output mode if needed.

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