AFX Series 3150 High Power Density AC/DC Power Supplies

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AFX Series 3150 High Power Density AC/DC Power Supplies

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Just over three years ago, Pacific Power Source embarked on a project with the aim to define the next generation family of AC Power Sources. The AFX-Series represent a break-through in solid state power conversion that reduces the size and weight of programmable AC and DC power sources dramatically. Housed in a 4U 19″ rack mount chassis, the 3150AFX is capable of delivering 15,000VA of output power. Advanced digital signal processing was extensively used to make possible the AFX-Series delivers the highest density programmable combination of AC and DC power capability in the market today.

Convenient to operate from the front panel keypad or remote interface, the AFX Series models are ideal for AC, DC and AC+DC power simulation, automated testing, frequency conversion, laboratory, and bench-top power applications.

AFX Series AC/DC Power Supply Key Features

  • Single Voltage Range with Constant Power Profile
  • Selectable AC Waveforms
  • Powerful yet Easy to Use
  • Wider range of AC Power Test Applications
  • DC Power Test Applications
  • Ease of Test System Integration
  • Embedded Web Server & LXI LAN


The AFX series is based on a truly revolutionary technology platform that enables functionality not previously found on programmable AC and DC SOURCE products from any other manufacturer. These unique features and benefits address a wide range of applications, while, at the same time, providing a higher level of protection for the unit under test.

Light Weight

The 15kVA 3150AFX weights less than 51kg, offering an incredible 295VA of power output per kilogram. What this means to the customer is saving a significant amount in shipping costs, as well as making the power source easy to install in a cabinet or move from one bench to another. Higher power systems can be configured by paralleling multiple master and auxiliary AFX units, without exceeding floor loading limitations. For more information on higher power units please click here.

Compact Size

Featuring the highest power density available today, the AFX fits in small spaces allowing power upgrades of existing power test stations without the need to deploy more cabinets or floor space. In today’s environment of space efficiency and optimal resource utilisation, this represents a significant benefit.

Small LRU Size

The unit size of a single AFX unit offers a Line Replaceable Unit size of only 15kVA. This means enhanced flexibility in critical higher power uptime applications as the LRU replacement size is relatively small compared to typical 45kVA or 60kVA cabinet systems. The mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) is low which ensures less down time and provides greater productivity while minimising loss revenue.

Single Voltage Range

The single voltage range for both AC and DC modes of the AFX allows continuous operation of wide AC input EUTs without the need to switch voltage ranges on the power source., which translates into no loss of output during range changing. For applications where more than 150Vac or 212Vdc are required, there is no need to give up half the available AC or DC current as typically found on conventional powers sources.

Enhanced Protection Modes

Not only does the AFX offer programmable current limit protection mode, it goes far beyond this by adding:

  • Constant voltage protection
  • Constant current protection
  • Peak current protection
  • True power protection
  • Apparent power protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Internal DC bus voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection

The type of protections offered by the AFX not only allow the user to test EUTs with a constant power input profile, but also bring the added advantage of being able to implement the AFX in unusual applications such as Capacitor and Inductor testing.

Legacy Software Support

To ensure our customers retain their investment in test software, the AFX series support a UPC controller compatibility mode that allows legacy test software to run with a new AFX power source. This includes the ability to use the existing UPC Studio Windows control and UPC Test Manager.

Energy Saving Modes

The unique two-stage sleep mode supported on the AFX not only saves on energy costs, they also benefit the environment, ensure a quieter operation during periods of inactivity between tests, and prolong the life of the power source.

AC Input Detection

The AFX runs a quick check before turning itself on when the breaker of the front panel is closed. This means it won’t start if it has a 208Vac three phase input and is accidentally connected to a 400Vac or a 480Vac input service. The same is applicable if the case is the opposite, where the detected AC input voltage is too low.

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On units with power rating above 15kVA please click here

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