AL3000 Series DC Power Supplies

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AL3000 Series DC Power Supplies

AL3000 DC Power Supply

Zeone Elettronica”s AL3000 Series power supplies are capable of sink and source energy from the load, based on the evolution of the previous series and offer superior performance, including:

  • Accuracy up to 0.1%
  • Reduced ripple with the use of multi-phase conversion
  • Simple parallel connection of several units
  • Modular configurations of complex systems

Due to their structure (double IGBT conversion) are very hard machines, developed for intensive use on both production lines and testing laboratories of research and development

Through a sophisticated multi-control system can make a perfect fit with the parameters of the load, which becomes particularly important in applications with high dynamics and precision.

Key Features

  • Power supply 230V or 400V 3F
  • Rack or cabinet use
  • Insulation between line/output
  • Insulation between output/ground
  • Response time is in the order of microsecond
  • Output voltage available to 1000V
  • Output Power available to 4MW
  • Output Current available to 5000A


  • Operation : constant voltage or constant current
  • Operation : constant power
  • Resistence simulation
  • Load function
  • Output voltage from 0 to Vmax
  • Output current from 0 to + /-Imax
  • Current limit of two independent quadrants
  • Ramps up and down from 0ms to 60secondi
  • Function battery charger
  • Function battery discharge
  • Simulation of AC signals
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