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The APS-9000 Series are dual output, 300 to 1000VA, linear AC power source. To protect the APS-Series and loads from unexpected conditions, over current, over temperature, and short-circuit protection are standard. High accuracy and low distortion are maintained at true RMS and < 0.5% THD, respectively. The key lock feature prevents tampering. Three separate LED displays simultaneously show frequency / voltage and current to enable easy operation. Configuration is simplified with the store/recall function for output settings. Software calibration reduces maintenance efforts. The APS-Series are suitable for middle-size laboratories and production test applications requiring high accuracy and security.

Key Features:

  • True RMS Meter
  • Wide Output Voltage / Frequency Variable Range
  • Save/Recall 4 Sets of Voltage/Frequency Memory
  • Over Current Protection and Over Temperature Protection
  • Stable and Low-Distortion Output Waveforms
  • Software Calibration to Ensure Accuracy
  • Panel-Lock Function to Prevent Operation Error
  • Frequency,Volt,Amp,Watt and Power Factor Display
Model Output Capacity (VA)        Output Voltage (V) Output Current (Arms)
APS-9301 300VA 0-150V   0-300V 2.6Arms   1.3Arms
APS-9501 500VA 0-150V   0-300V 4.2Arms   2.1Arms
APS-9102 1kVA 0-150V   0-300V 8.4Arms   4.2Arms
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