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ATT Series Attenuators

The ATT10, ATT20 and ATT1000 are BNC to BNC voltage attenuators designed for the PPA Vext and Aext inputs. They provide high accuracy wide bandwidth gain, typical applications are in situations when the output of a voltage attenuator (such as the TT-HV250) is above the 3Vpk range of the voltage channel external input.

Model Bandwidth Attenuation  Max Input Voltage Specification Data
ATT10 DC-2MHz 10:1  30Vpk ⇒ PDF
ATT20 DC-2MHz 20:1  60Vpk ⇒ PDF
ATT1000 DC-10kHz 1000:1  1000Vrms

Torque and Speed Input Isolation

The PPA4500 / PPA5500 feature torque and speed inputs fitted as standard, both inputs are ground referenced and in certain circumstances where grounding is an issue an isolated torque and speed input is required.


Bandwidth Attenuation
Torque and speed inputs 50kHz 1:1
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