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Test and Measurement

The BLI 1625A Active Current Shunt is a multiranging, high accuracy, active current shunt, for use in making NIST traceable measurements of currents from 10 microamperes to 100 Amperes.

Very high measurement stability has been achieved in our shunt design by using special alloys, compensated by a proprietary Ballantine process to minimize temperature coefficient effects.


All shunts are four terminal networks with calibration adjustments for each network. Table 1-1 gives specifications for each shunt and shunt range.

Stated for 1 year at 23°C ±2°C. Expressed accuracy of volts output to current input of the reading, add ±10 uV for 0.2 mA to 2 A, and ±30 uV for 20 A to 100A, to all percentage limits.

Output Voltage
200 mV full scale on all ranges, except 100 mV full scale on the 100 A range.

Output Loading
1 Megohm shunted by less than 100 pF.


Gain: 10.000 to 1

Accuracy: ±50 ppm ±10 uV at dc. Adjustable with rear panel accessible control.

Offset Voltage: Less than 10 uV. Adjustable to ZERO with rear panel accessible control.

Frequency Response

±0.01% to 1 kHz
±0.025% to 10 kHz

Input Resistance: 10 Megohms across input binding posts. Differential, balanced to output common.

Input Overvoltage Protection: 300 V rms (440 V ac peak) applied continuously.

Output Resistance: Less than 0.01 Ohms when using sense leads.

Output Voltage (rms): 2 V rms or ±4 V peak.

Maximum Output Current: ±75 mA (dc or ac peak). Protected against damage with continuous short circuits.

Load Resistance: 20 ohms or greater for full rms output.

Common Mode Rejection: 90 dB (dc to 60 Hz).

Common Mode Voltage: ±10 Volts max.

Distortion and Noise: >70 dB below full scale rms output over a bandwidth of dc to 10 kHz.

Amplifier Output

Four wire output through 5 pin female DIN connector. Uses Model 16251A and wire sense cable accessory with 874 output connector.

Input/Output Terminals

Gold plated universal binding posts on all ranges, except 100A range which uses high current female terminals.

Environmental Characteristics
Temperature Oper.: 0 to 50°C, Stor. With NI-CAD batteries: -40 to +65°C.
Humidity: (No condensation): 95% R.H. to 40°C, 90% R.H. top 50°C.
Altitude: Oper.: 3 km (10,000 ft), Stor.: 15 km (15,000 ft)
Shock and Vibration: Complies with MIL-T-28800, Class 5
Ventilation: Forced air (fan) cooled
Off Ground Operation: ±50 Volts (dc or ac peak)


A fused power selector safety switch and receptacle on the rear panel selects on of the four ac operating voltage ranges.

90 to 110V (100V) 48 to 420 Hz
108 to 132V (120V) 48 to 420 Hz
198 to 242V (220V) 48 to 420 Hz
216 to 264V (240V) 48 to 420 Hz
Input Power: 10VA maximum
Internal: rechargeable NI-CAD batteries
Running Time: “off line” for 8 hours

Rechargeable Time: 14 hours with mains OFF.

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