BT-2X43 Potentiostat/Galvanostat Testing Stations

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BT-2X43 Potentiostat/Galvanostat Testing Stations

Test and Measurement

The BT-2X43 series consists of specially designed potentiostat/galvanostat testing stations for testing batteries and electrochemical research. This product is intended to provide economical entry level testing solutions for use in quality control or R&D testing that requires significant batch samples for product qualification. The product typically ranges from 4 to 96 channels per chassis.

Key Features:

  • This series is targeted for large volume testing with multiple independent channels which can each function as a PST/GST with their own reference electrode
  • Each channel is capable of three current ranges with 14 bit resolution and 0.02% accuracy
  • Channels can be operated in parallel for increased current-handling capacity
  • For current less than 100mA, the system includes auto-calibration
  • Each channel in the test station will be safely controlled by a user-defined group voltage clamp set in the software and applied at the hardware level.
  • The system will not allow the voltage to go above or below the set clamp values on all channels ensuring that batteries stay within the safety settings.
  • Advanced software package, MITS Pro (Multiple Integrated Testing System, professional version), provides flexible scheduling, user-friendly interface, distributed system control and data acquisition
  • Software provides easy data analysis and plotting based in Data Watcher or Microsoft Excel

Primary Applications:

  • Life cycle testing for qualification of materials.
  • Quality control for incoming materials.
  • Quality control for sampling final products.
  • Pilot production.
  • Thin film cells.
  • Not intended for supercapacitor testing.
Model Max Current Max Output Power Voltage Range (max/min) Accuracy of Voltage Control&Reading 0.02% Full Sclale Resolution
BT-2043 100mA ± 40μA 1W -10V to 10V ±4mV
BT-2043 500mA ± 200μA 5W -10V to 10V ±4mV
BT-2543 5A ± 25W 0 to 5V ± 2mV
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