BT-5HC Battery Testing Station

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BT-5HC Battery Testing Station

Test and Measurement

A multiple independent channel test station fine-tuned for testing batteries, supercapacitors, and other energy storage devices. The 0 to 5V, High Current Series provides individual voltage clamp safety limits to help prevent damage to devices being tested. Includes a PC preloaded with our MITS Pro and Data Watcher software for writing test schedules, monitoring real-time data, and reviewing and plotting test results.

BT-5HC Battery Testing Station Key Features:

  • Multiple channels, where each channel functions independently to run various experiments simultaneously
  • Channels can be operated in parallel for increased current-handling capacity
  • Each channel come with three current ranges with 16 bit resolution
  • Advanced software package, MITS Pro (Multiple Integrated Testing System, professional version), provides flexible scheduling, user-friendly interface, distributed system control and data acquisition
  • Software provides easy data analysis and plotting based in Data Watcher or Microsoft Excel
  • On-the-fly test schedule modification allows changes to be made to a test while it is running, without the need to stop or pause the test

BT-5HC Battery Testing Station Primary Applications:

  • Lithium, Lead-acid, Nickel, & Alkaline Battery Testing
  • Cylindrical and Prismatic Cells
  • Small Battery Packs
  • Primary and Secondary Battery Testing
  • Super-capacitor Testing
Model Max Current Max Output Power Current Rise Time Voltage Range
5V-25A 25A 125W 100-150μS 0V to 5V
5V-50A 50A 250W 100-150μS 0V to 5V
5V-100A 100A 500W 100-250μS 0V to 5V
 5V-200A  200A  1000W  250-500μS 0V to 5V
 5V-300A  300A  1500W  400-600μS 0V to 5V
 5V-500A  500A  2000W  500-700μS 0V to 5V
 5V-600A  600A  2500W  550-725μS 0V to 5V
 5V-100A  1000A  5000W  600-750μS 0V to 5V
 5V-1500A  1500A  7500W  700-900μS 0V to 5V
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