BT-G – Battery Testing Station

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BT-G – Battery Testing Station

Battery Testing & Research Solutions

A multiple independent channel test station fine-tuned for testing batteries, super capacitors, and other energy storage devices. The BT-G Series provides a group volt-age clamp safety limit for testing to prevent damage to the devices being tested. Includes a PC preloaded with our MITS Pro and Data Watcher software for writing test schedules, monitoring real-time data, and reviewing and plotting test results.

Key Features:

  • Multiple independent channels, where each channel functions independently to run multiple experiments simultaneously.
  • Each channel comes with three current ranges with 16 bit resolution.
  • Advanced software package, MITS Pro (Multiple Integrated Testing System, professional version), provides flexible scheduling, user-friendly interface, distributed system control and data acquisition
  • Software provides easy data analysis and plotting based in Data Watcher or Microsoft Excel
  • In multi-electrode applications, each channel accommodates an individual RE, or several channels can share one RE (such as in a combinatorial cell). This results in accurate control and measurement and enables individual IR drop compensation. Channels share ground as the counter electrode (CE).

Group Voltage Clamp:

  • Each channel in the test station will be safely controlled by a group voltage clamp set by the user.
  • User-defined value set in the software that is applied at the hardware level. The system will not allow the voltage to go above or below the set clamp values on all channels to keep batteries within the safety settings.
  • All channels in the test station will be safely controlled by the same Voltage Clamp Value
  • The system provides a Low Voltage Clamp Value and High Voltage Clamp Value

Primary Applications:

  • Lithium, Lead-acid, Nickel & Alkaline Battery Testing
  • Battery & Capacitor Charge/Discharge Cycles
  • Half cell testing and materials research
  • Primary & secondary battery testing
Model Max Current Max Output Power Current Rise Time Voltage Range
±5V-1A 1A 5W 50-100μS -5V to 5V
±5V-5A 5A 25W 50-100μS -5V to 5V
5V-5A 5A 25W 50-100μS 0V to 5V
5V-10A 10A 50W 50-100μS 0V to 5V
 10V-5A 5A 50W 50-100μS -2V to 10V
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