BT-HSP – High Speed Pulse Testing System

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BT-HSP – High Speed Pulse Testing System

Test and Measurement

The BT-HSP (High Speed Pulse Testing System) is designed to perform sub-millisecond pulses on batteries or supercapacitors, which are common in wireless or telecommunication applications.

Arbin’s pulse capability covers a broad range of sub-millisecond communication profiles, which can handle multi-stage pulses as fast as 100 microseconds per stage and up to 10 stages per pulse. The pulses can have a maximum length of 2700 seconds.

Each channel of the system functions as an independent potentiostat/galvanostat. Commonly used charge/discharge functions such as ramps, staircases and constant current, voltage, power, and load functions may be used on all channels at the same time. Different pulse profiles may also be performed across groups of four or eight channels depending on the configuration.

The circuit is a bipolar design that affords tremendous flexibility by ensuring cross-zero linearity and negligible current switching time. All these capabilities are further enhanced by our MITS Pro Software, which according to customer feedback is a step above all other software in the industry.

Key Features:

  • Testing of cellular phones and other smart communication devices
  • Cover various standard pulse-testing applications such as GSM, CDMA, iDEN, GPRS, etc.
  • Other custom user-defined pulse profiles with 2-10 stages
  • Simultaneous pulse generation and data logging
  • Multiple, independent channels
  • Three current ranges per channel
  • Channels can be operated in parallel for increased current-handling capacity
  • Rise times as fast as 50μS
  • Windows 7 based software
  • Many input auxiliaries available such as temperature and voltage
  • Voltage clamp to protect from over or under charge and discharge
Model Number of Micro
 Number of Channels per PC Max Output Power Max Current Current Rise Time Voltage Range
BT-HSP 1/4 4 main channels
shared by one MC
 24 25W  5A 50μS 0V to 5V
BT-HSP 1/8 8 main channels
shared by one MC
 32 25W  5A 50μS 0V to 5V
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