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BT-MP – Battery Pack Tester – Arbin Instruments

Test and Measurement

The Arbin BT-MP series is a high precision testing solution designed for testing modules and small packs of batteries and/or super-capacitors. The regenerative power circuitry within the system allows power to be sent back to the grid, providing a more economical testing solution. Today’s applications like electric vehicles and military technologies demand high reliability and safe testing environments, so the dependability, accuracy, and safety of these systems are core standards. A full range of optional customisations allow users to create a complete testing package that ideally suits their needs.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Battery Pack and Modules up to 150 Volts or 900 Amps
  • Multiple Independent Galvanostat Test Channels
  • Real-Time Test Monitoring Including Arbin’s Integrated Watchdog Circuitry
  • Smart Communication Protocols (CAN-Bus / SMBus)
  • Drive Cycle Simulation (USABC, FUDS, etc.)
  • Temperature Chamber Integration
  • Monitor Tests and Plot Data in Real-Time
  • On-the-Fly Modifications Allows for Longer Uninterrupted Testing

Product Description:

  • Systems arrive pre-calibrated and ready to use. The included PC comes pre-loaded with our software so no installation is
    required. The color quick-start guide and online library of video tutorials make it easy for new and experienced users to start performing tests on day one upon receiving the equipment.
  • Each channel features independent programmable control of current, voltage, load, and power with industry leading baccuracy at 0.05% FSR and 16 bit resolution.
  • Arbin’s advanced software package, MITS Pro, provides flexible scheduling, user-friendly interface, distributed system control, and data acquisition.
  • Simulate a complex dynamic testing profile directly from a data text file without needing to write a complicated program.
  • Independent hardware-based voltage clamp applied on each channel at user defined value. Voltage clamp may be utilized during a constant current (CC) to constant voltage (CV) transition, which is critically important with Lithium chemistries.
  • Arbin is able to provide a Total Package Solution by integrating with 3rd party hardware such as temperature chambers, external chargers, and more. Our open collaboration allows Arbin to work with the 3rd party manufacturer of your choosing.


Arbin’s BT-MP test systems are designed for precise testing of small EV/HEV battery modules and other medium power modules/packs. The BT-MP test units utilize regenerative circuitry for efficient testing of on any application including Lithium, NiMH, Fuel Cells and Super Capacitors.

One common application of Arbin’s BT-MP test system is in the development and testing of battery modules for micro-hybrid systems. Micro-hybrid applications are gaining attention worldwide because they offer meaningful fuel economy gains for modest incremental cost. The sales of vehicles equipped with micro-hybrid (start-stop) technology is expected to increase nearly tenfold over the next 10 years.

The BT-MP will provide years of efficient and reliable testing for developing energy storage systems for micro-hybrid and other medium power applications.

Model Max Current Power Number of Test Channels Voltage Range
60V-150A 25A 36kW 2 12V to 60V
60V-300A 50A 36kW 2 12V to 60V
60V-450A 100A 54kW 2 12V to 60V
60V-600A  200A 36kW 1 12V to 60V
60V-900A     300A 54kW 1 12V to 60V
Model Max Current Power Number of Test Channels Voltage Range
100V-100A  25A 40kW 4 15V to 100V
100V-150A  50A 60kW 4 15V to 100V
100V-200A  100A 40kW 2 15V to 100V
100V-200A  200A 60kW 3 15V to 100V
 100V-300A  300A 60kW 2 15V to 100V
 100V-400A  400A 40kW 1 15V to 100V
100V-600A  600A 60kW 1 15V to 100V
100V-600A  600A 120kW 2 15V to 100V
100V-1000A  1000A 100kW 1 15V to 100V
100V-1200A  1200A 120kW 1 15V to 100V
Model Max Current Power Number of Test Channels Voltage Range
150V-100A   100A 60kW 4 20V to 150V
150V-200A 200A 60kW 2 20V to 150V
150V-400A 400A 60kW 1 20V to 150V
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