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N4L HFm High Frequency Current Shunts

If external current measurement is necessary for impedance measurement, for example if a test setup utilising an LPA Laboratory Power Amplifier for signal generation is employed. The HF series shunts provide an accurate current sensing solution for many wideband measurement applications up to 20Arms. Utilising an innovative design that is unique to N4L, each shunt will maintain its specified resistance over a frequency range from DC to 1MHz without exhibiting the phase shift normally associated with resistive shunts.

Model Current Rating Specification Data
HF010m 20Arms ⇒ Datasheet
HF100m 6Arms ⇒ Datasheet
HF470m 3Arms ⇒ Datasheet

Current Clamps

Our AC Current Clamp range provide current measurement up to 3,000A (P32-UE) with an upper bandwidth of 15kHz (SMUB), these current clamps offer an accurate measurement of an AC signal over a wide bandwidth. Typical applications include PWM Invert Driver output power measurement, transformer loss testing and a range of other AC applications. The wideband response of these current clamps is very flat well beyond the stated frequency range, these AC current clamps offer an ideal solution where cost and convenience must be accompanied with sufficient accuracy.

Model Current Rating Specification Data
100mA → 50A ⇒ Datasheet
1 → 100A ⇒ Datasheet
1 → 200A ⇒ Datasheet
1 → 250/500/1000A ⇒ Datasheet
1 → 1000A ⇒ Datasheet
0,5 → 1000A ⇒ Datasheet
0,5 → 1000A ⇒ Datasheet
5 → 1000A ⇒ Datasheet
5 → 3000A ⇒ Datasheet
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