CW500 Power Analyser

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CW500 Power Analyser

The Yokogawa CW500 is a portable power meter that utilizes current clamp-on probes, easy to use navigation screens and Bluetooth and SD cards for communication and data logging. These features enable user-friendly power consumption and power quality measurements in the field that conform to IEC61000-4-30 Class S. This standard dictates that two measuring instruments of similar rating must measure within some percentage of each other when exposed to the same signal.

Varied Functionality

  • Log anything from single phase two wire to three phase four wire systems, and everything in between
  • Capture irregularities in your power system such as voltage sags, dips, swells and log them conveniently to RAM or an SD card
  • Log up to 50th orders of harmonics
  • Vector display for convenient tracking of voltage/current phase relationships


  • Small form factor and battery inputs allow the user to take this unit anywhere, anytime
  • Use the free CW500 viewer to connect remotely to the unit to log data or view events in real-time

Ease of use

  • Quickly and easily shift between setting up the unit or viewing logged variables and waveforms
  • Supports USB and Bluetooth
  • Set a predetermined record length or schedule or a start time and duration for logging data
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