CXS40 Bonding Tester (Sefelec)

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Test and Measurement

The CXS40 bonding tester is the right answer to the requirement of the VDE, UL, CSA standards and to the main EN European standards involved in the LOW VOLTAGE DIRECTIVE (LVD).

The CXS40 is a ground bond tester with high current dedicated as well for test laboratories as for production.

Key Features:

  • Ground continuity from 1mΩ to 1500mΩ
  • From 5A to 40A AC available current
  • 8 test step sequences
  • 30 parameter sets storage
  • Built in RS232C interface
  • ETHERNET, PLC or IEEE488-2 interfaces in option
Model Ground continuity/ Ground bond test Dielectric strength / Hipot test Insulation / High resistance test
CXS40 1mΩ – 1,5Ω 5-40A AC 2.5%
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