DCPS Bidirectional DC Power Supply

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DCPS Bidirectional DC Power Supply

Cinergia Power Solutions Bidirectional DC Power Supply

CINERGIA’s DC Programmable Power Supplies are regenerative power supplies designed to generate a controlled DC source or load. This equipment has energy recovery capability which allows saving energy during the working period by returning the energy to the mains (saves up to 92%).

CINERGIA’s Programmable DC Power Supplies are power electronics equipment designed to generate a DC constant voltage, current or power. Thanks to its bidirectional DC Power Supply hardware the DCPS can source or sink the test energy while the grid-tied converter will actively regenerate the energy back to the electrical grid consuming a sinusoidal current with unity power factor and low harmonic distortion.

Key Features of Cinergia Bidirectional DC Power Supply:

  • 6.75 – 160 kW
  • 2/4 Quadrant Power Supply
  • Regenerative up to 100% rated power

1 channel Output:

  • 0 to 750V, 0 to ±690A
  • 3 channels Output:
    0 to 750V, 0 to ±230A/ch

Bipolar Output

  • -750 to +750V, 0 to ±230A
  • CV, CC, CP modes
Model Rated kW Rated Current
3 Channels




Rated Current
1 Channel




Rated Current
-750 bis 750V
DxWxH (mm)
DCPS7.5 6.75 kW ±10A ±30A ±10A 770x450x1100
DCPS10 9 kW ±15A ±45A ±15A 770x450x1100
DCPS15 13.5 kW ±20A ±60A ±20A 770x450x1100
DCPS20 18 kW ±25A ±75A ±25A 770x450x1100
DCPS30 27 kW ±40A ±120A ±40A 770x450x1100
DCPS40 36 kW ±50A ±150A ±50A 770x450x1100
DCPS50 45 kW ±65A ±195A ±65A 770x450x1100
DCPS60 54 kW ±80A ±240A ±80A 880x590x1320
DCPS80 72 kW ±105A ±315A ±105A 880x590x1320
DCPS100 90 kW ±130A ±390A ±130A 880x590x1320
DCPS120 108 kW ±130A ±390A ±130A 880x590x1320
DCPS160 128 kW ±155A ±465A ±155A 850x900x2000
DCPS200 160 kW ±185A ±555A ±185A 850x900x2000
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