DLM5000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

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DLM5000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Best Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

As the creator of the world’s first 8 channel oscilloscope, and with over 100 years of industry experience, the DLM5000 is Yokogawa’s latest addition to our line-up and takes you beyond 8 channels. Adaptability is a key requirement during the development of high-performance and intelligent power-semiconductor technologies and mechatronics applied in a modern electric vehicles, motor controls, and energy efficient electronic designs. Combining a large, highly responsive touchscreen and a traditional oscilloscope panel, the 4-to-8 channel DLM5000 mixed signal oscilloscope allows users to easily navigate through a wealth of analysis features at the touch of their fingertips.

What is a mixed signal oscilloscope?

The best mixed signal oscilloscopes effectively gather and graph electrical signal data for logic analysis through multiple channels.

What is vp on a mixed signal oscilloscope?

VP, or peak voltage, on the DLM5000 mixed signal oscilloscope is ±1400 Vpeak.

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